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Server Info

  • URL:https://<host>/<instance>/rest/info
  • Version Introduced:10.0


The ServerInfo resource provides general information about the server (for example, the current version of the server), as well as information on whether the server is secured using token-based authentication; and the token services URL (if token-based authentication is used). At 10.1 and later, when the server is secured using token-based authentication, the shortLivedTokenValidity property is returned. The value returned for this property represents the validity of short-lived tokens in minutes.

Request parameters


Description: The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json

Example usage

Example 1:

JSON Response syntax

"currentVersion": <currentVersion>,
"fullVersion": "<fullVersion>", //Added in 10.1 - returns version information as a String
"soapUrl": "<soapUrl>",
"secureSoapUrl": <soapSslUrl>,
"owningSystemUrl": "<owningSystemUrl>", //Added in 10.1 SP1
"authInfo" : {
    "isTokenBasedSecurity" : <true | false>,
    "tokenServicesUrl" : "<tokenServiceUrl>", //sent only if isTokenBasedSecurity = "true"
     "shortLivedTokenValidity" : <shortLivedTokenValidity> //Added in 10.1. Sent only if isTokenBasedSecurity = "true"

JSON Response example

"currentVersion": 10.1,
"fullVersion": "10.1",
"soapUrl": "",
"secureSoapUrl": "https://server/arcgis/services",
"owningSystemUrl": "", 
"authInfo" : {
    "isTokenBasedSecurity" : true,
    "tokenServicesUrl" : "",
	"shortLivedTokenValidity" :60