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  • URL:https://<imageservice-url>/statistics
  • Required Capability:Image
  • Version Introduced:10.8.1


The statistics resource returns statistics of the image. This image service resource is available if the image service uses ArcObjects11 or ArcObjectsRasterRendering as the service provider. You can provide arguments to the statistics operation as query parameters defined in the parameters table below.

Request parameters


For an image service that has multidimensional information, this parameter can be used to request statistics for each variable. If not specified, it will return statistics for the whole image service. Eligible variable names can be queried from Multidimensional Info image service resource.


Specifies the rendering rule for how the requested image should be rendered.

In the context of accessing image service statistics resource, this parameter is used to retrieve statistic information in the attached predefined raster function templates (inside a Statistics function).


The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json | pjson

Example usage

Below is a sample request URL that demonstrates how to return statistics of the water_temp variable from an image service with multidimensional data.

JSON Response syntax


Refer to Statistics object for the syntax of a statistics object.

  "statistics": [

JSON Response example

  "statistics": [
      "min": 0.23699906468391418,
      "max": 29.722000122070312,
      "mean": 10.716446480378226,
      "standardDeviation": 7.5067798535721115,
      "median": 29.722000122070312,
      "mode": 0.46825397493792514,
      "skipX": 1,
      "skipY": 1,
      "count": 0