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Trace Network service


The Trace Network service exposes trace analytic capabilities, validation of the network topology, and the ability to manage trace configurations. The Trace Network service is conceptually similar to the Utility Network and Network Analysis services for utility and transportation networks, respectively.

Organization members must be assigned a license for the ArcGIS Advanced Editing user type extension to use certain Trace Network Server operations. View, query, and trace operations do not require the user type extension.
Operations available in the Trace Network service

Example usage

Request URL:

JSON Response syntax

Trace network is Trace Network version 2 or 3.

 "name": "Trace Network Server",
 "type": "Map Server Extension",
 "capabilities": {
  "supportsAggregatedGeometryAsTraceResult": true,
  "supportsTraceAllowIndeterminateFlow": true,
  "supportsTraceConfigurations": true,
  "supportsTraceConnectivityResults": true,
  "supportsFlowDirections": true,
  "supportsTraceSystemNetworkAttributes": true