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Update (Network Diagrams)


The update operation is performed on a Diagram resource. The result of this operation is a Diagram JSON Information object, and the moment the update operation happens for a stored diagram.

It is used to update the diagram resource content; that is, synchronize its content from the network features used to initially generate it, and so reflect any changes that may have impacted those network features into the diagram.

The active portal account must be licensed with the ArcGIS Advanced Editing user type extension to use this operation.

Request Parameters


Description: The name of the geodatabase version.

Syntax: gdbVersion=<version>

Example: gdbVersion=ABV1


Description: The token (guid) used to lock the version.

Syntax: sessionId=<guid>

Example: sessionId=44G259DE-87B0-407D-8F2E-DCB7665DD0F0


Description: The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: <html | json>

Example Usage

Updating the diagram called DiagramTest2 in version ABV1; that is:

  • URL:
  • Parameters:
  • Sent URL (GET):

JSON Response Syntax

A JSON object composed of a Diagram JSON Information object and the moment the update operation happens for a stored diagram: {"diagramInfo": Diagram JSON Information, "moment": <moment>}


The moment is only returned for a stored diagram.

JSON Response Example

 "diagramInfo": {
  "tag": "",
  "isStored": true,
  "canStore": false,
  "canExtend": true,
  "isSystem": false,
  "creator": "acb7352",
  "creationDate": 1505145950000,
  "lastUpdateBy": "acb7352",
  "lastUpdateDate": 1505215730000,
  "containerMargin": 0.5,
  "junctionCount": 10,
  "edgeCount": 12,
  "containerCount": 0,
  "isHistorical": false,
  "aggregationCount": 0,
  "access": "esriDiagramPublicAccess",
  "diagramExtent": {
   "xmin": 6807604.6431991458,
   "ymin": 1848162.7288198769,
   "xmax": 6808306.5443543941,
   "ymax": 1848247.8566023856,
   "spatialReference": {
    "wkid": 3498,
    "latestWkid": 3498
  "networkExtent": {
   "xmin": 6807604.6431991458,
   "ymin": 1847967.7367558032,
   "xmax": 6808661.8976463079,
   "ymax": 1848650.1848659664,
   "spatialReference": {
    "wkid": 3498,
    "latestWkid": 3498
  "name": "DiagramTest2",
  "id": "{856490C7-ED84-44FE-8EC8-5DA4B39365C0}",
  "template": "Basic"
 "moment": 1505215730810