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ArcGIS Developer

Vector Tile Resource Info


This resource returns relative paths to a list of resource files.

Example usage

Note: This is an example URL only and is not an active link to an existing attachment.

JSON Response example

      "resourceInfo": [
       "../fonts/Arial Regular/0-255.pbf",
       "../fonts/Arial Regular/256-511.pbf",
       "../fonts/Arial Regular/512-767.pbf",
       "../fonts/Arial Regular/768-1023.pbf",
       "../fonts/Arial Regular/1024-1279.pbf",
       "../fonts/Arial Regular/1280-1535.pbf",
       "../fonts/Arial Regular/1536-1791.pbf",
       "../fonts/Arial Regular/1792-2047.pbf",
       "../fonts/Arial Regular/2048-2303.pbf",