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Version Management Service


The VersionManagementServer service exposes the management capabilities necessary to support feature services that work with branch versioned datasets. This service only supports datasets that use branch versioning.

The capabilities property is new at ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9. This property returns the capabilities the service supports.

VersionManagementServer resources and operations

Usage requirements

When using the VersionManagementServer resources and operations, keep the following in mind:

  • The portal account is used to access resources and operations of the version management server. This account determines whether the operation is allowed by the portal user as well as the results that are returned. For example, the versions resource only lists versions with public and protected access permission. Only service and portal administrators can see private versions that the active portal user does not own.
  • A read or edit session must be started before executing certain operations. Read and edit sessions are started by calling the startReading and startEditing operations.
  • Locks must be obtained on a version when running certain operations. Each operation will try to place the necessary lock on the version before execution and will fail if it cannot acquire the appropriate lock. The following lock modes are available in a geodatabase:
    • Shared lock—Operations that allow more than one user to access a version require a shared lock.
    • Exclusive lock—Operations that must be performed in isolation require an exclusive lock on the version.
  • The following are supported operations for the VersionManagementServer resource:
  • The version resource returns information about a single version and supports many operations for that version.

JSON Response syntax

  "name": "Version Management Server",
  "type": "Map Server Extension",
  "defaultVersionName": "<versionName>"
  "defaultVersionGuid": <guid>, 
  "capabilities": {
   "supportsConflictDetectionByAttribute": <true | false>, //Introduced at ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1.
   “supportsPartialPost” : <true | false>, //Introduced at ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.
   "supportsDifferencesFromMoment" : <true | false> //Introduced at ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.

Example usage

Request URL:

JSON response:

 "name": "Version Management Server",
 "type": "Map Server Extension",
 "defaultVersionName": "SDE.DEFAULT",
 "defaultVersionGuid": "{BD3F4817-9A00-41AC-B0CC-58F78DBAE0A1}", 
 "capabilities": {
  "supportsConflictDetectionByAttribute": true,
  “supportsPartialPost”: true, 
  "supportsDifferencesFromMoment": true