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The version resource represents a single version under the Version Management service that returns information about the version and supports many operations. The version is accessed using the versionGuid value that is obtained from the versions resource.

The following table lists the read and edit session version operation requirements for the version resource:

  • Read and edit sessions are established using the startReading and startEditing operations. Operations that require an edit session must call startReading first.
  • To start editing, the portal user must be the only user currently accessing the version.

Version operations

OperationRead session requiredEdit session required



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Delete Forward Edits

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Inspect Conflicts

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Restore Rows

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Read and edit session requirements for version resource operations

Request parameters


The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: <html | json>

JSON Response syntax

  "versionName": "<owner.versionName>",
  "versionGuid": <guid>,
  "versionId": <ID>,
  "description": "<description>",
  "creationDate": <dateTime>,
  "modifiedDate": <dateTime>,
  "reconcileDate": <dateTime>,
  "previousAncestorDate": <dateTime>,
  "commonAncestorDate": <dateTime>,
  "evaluationDate": <dateTime>,
  "isBeingEdited": <true | false>,
  "isBeingRead": <true | false>,
  "hasConflicts": <true | false>,
  "hasUninspectedConflicts": <true | false>,
  "isLocked": <true | false>,
  "lockOwner": "<lockOwner>",
  "lockDate": <dateTime>,
  "access": "private" | "public" | "protected",
  "success": <true | false>


The evaluationdate version property is only updated when evaluating with the changesInVersion parameter set as true. To learn more, review the changesInVersion request parameter for the evaluate operation.

Example usage

The version resource is used to return information about a specific version by using the versionGUID value. In this example, the versionGuid value is F93DB9FD-6F39-45D9-A6C7-D43E69EB3076.

Request URL and JSON response:

 "versionName": "UNADMIN.ProjectA",
 "versionGuid": "{F93DB9FD-6F39-45D9-A6C7-D43E69EB3076}",
 "versionId": 20,
 "description": "",
 "creationDate": 1550771990888,
 "modifiedDate": 1550853280024,
 "reconcileDate": 1550853215169,
 "previousAncestorDate": null,
 "commonAncestorDate": 1550853215169,
 "evaluationDate": null,
 "isBeingEdited": false,
 "isBeingRead": false,
 "hasConflicts": false,
 "hasUninspectedConflicts": false,
 "isLocked": false,
 "lockOwner": "",
 "lockDate": -1,
 "access": "public",
 "success": true