GeoData Service


The GeoData Service resource represents a geodata service that you've published with ArcGIS Server. This resource provides basic information associated with the geodata service, such as the service description, workspace type, default working version, versions, and replicas.

Request parameters


Description: The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json

JSON response syntax

{"serviceDescription" : "<serviceDescription>","workspaceType" : "<workspaceType>","defaultWorkingVersion": "<defaultWorkingVersion>","versions": [ "<version1>", "<version2>" ],"replicas": [ "<replica1>", "<replica2>" ]}

JSON response example

{"serviceDescription" : "Test GeoData Service Description","workspaceType" : "esriRemoteDatabaseWorkspace","defaultWorkingVersion": "SDE.DEFAULT","versions": [ "SDE.DEFAULT", "MAP.GeoDatabase-BaseVersion", "GDB.July15_APtest", "MAP.MyCheckOut", "MAP.TestReplica"],"replicas": [ "MAP.MyCheckOut", "MAP.TestReplica"]}