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Web Hooks - Status (Feature Service)

  • URL:https://<adminservicecatalog-url>/services/<serviceName>/FeatureServer/WebHooks/<webhook id>/status(POST only)
  • Version Introduced:June, 2020


A webhook can be checked using the status event. A request will be sent to the "HookUrl" server where you can verify the payload. No content will be returned to verify the webhook status.

Example of the server payload received from the status request.

"payload": "[{"name":"Webhook1","orgId":"TenantID","serviceName":"FeatureServiceName","lastUpdatedTime":1637276149484,"events":["NoContent"]}]"

Example Usage

URL: https://serverUrl/myTenant/ArcGIS/rest/admin/services/states/FeatureServer/WebHooks/1/status

JSON Response Syntax

Webhook has no content.