Query Camera Info

Query Camera Info diagram

The QueryCameraInfo operation is a service tool that's used to query specific records or the entire digital camera database in JSON format. The digital camera database contains the specifications of digital camera sensors that are used to capture drone images.



As of ArcGIS 10.5, you must license your ArcGIS Server as an ArcGIS Image Server to use this resource.

This operation is supported at 10.6.1 and later.

Request URL

http://<orthomapping service tool url>/QueryCameraInfo/submitJob?query="'Maker'='DJI'"

Request parameters

The following table lists the parameters with syntax and details for each.




This is an SQL query statement that can be used to filter a portion of the digital camera database.




The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json


When you submit a request, the task assigns a unique job ID for the transaction.


{ "jobId": "<unique job identifier>", "jobStatus": "<job status>" }

After the initial request is submitted, you can use the jobId to periodically check the status of the job and messages as described in Checking job status. Once the job has successfully completed, use the jobId to retrieve the results. To track the status, you can make a request of the following form:

http://<Orthomapping service tool url>/QueryCameraInfo/jobs/<jobId>

Accessing results

When the status of the job request is esriJobSucceeded, you can access the results of the analysis by making a request of the following form:

http://<Orthomapping service tool url>/QueryCameraInfo/jobs/<jobId>/results/outputCameraInfo?token=<your token>&f=json

The result will be the JSON object of the camera database containing information about the maker, model, cell size, focal length, rows, and columns.