Edit Job



The ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Server extension is required in order to use this resource.

A REST resource that changes job properties for an existing scheduled job. The sessionIdvalue in the batchValidationSettings parameter must be in full string format: Session 1 : Session 1.

Request parameters


Description: JSON object with name/value pairs

Values: {"sessionId":"<reviewer_session_id>","batchJobFileItemId":"<upload itemId>","productionWorkspace":"<path to production workspace>","productionWorkspaceVersion":"<name of version>","analysisArea":<JSON polygon>,"changedFeaturesOnly":true|false}


Description: A cron string indicating time and date of execution.

Values: Seconds, minutes, hours, day-of-month, month, day-of-week, year. A cron schedule of 0 30 10 * * ? executes the job every day at 10:30 UTC.


Description: The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json

Example usage

Example 1: Change job f4309363-c334-45ac-936a-fcb9181bf0a7 to run on Reviewer session "Session 2 : Session 2."

http://localhost:6080/arcgis/rest/services/reviewer/MapServer/exts/DataReviewerServer/BatchValidation/scheduledJobs/f4309363-c334-45ac-936a-fcb9181bf0a7/editJob?batchValidationSettings={"sessionId":"Session 2 : Session 2"}&schedule=&f=pjson

JSON response example

  "edited": true