Get Reviewer Sessions



The ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Server extension is required in order to use this resource.

Returns a list of sessions in a Data Reviewer workspace. The returned list is an array of session attributes. Each session attribute is an object that has the following four properties:

  • sessionId – Numeric session identifier
  • sessionName – Name of the session (QAReview in Session 1: QAReview)
  • userName – Name of the account that created the session.
  • versionName – ArcSDE version associated with the session. Empty if the Data Reviewer workspace is stored in an fGdb.

Request Parameters


Description: The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json

Example Usage

Example 1: Retrieve a list of Data Reviewer sessions from a Data Reviewer workspace.


JSON Response Example

 "sessionAttributes": [
   "sessionId": 1,
   "sessionName": "Session 1",
   "userName": "QCTechnician",
   "versionName": ""
   "sessionId": 2,
   "sessionName": "Session 2",
   "userName": "QCManager",
   "versionName": ""