Reviewer Results



The ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Server extension is required in order to use this resource.

The ReviewerResults operation allows you to access the Reviewer workspace. Access includes the following functionality:

  • Write data, as results, to the Data Reviewer workspace
  • Query Data Reviewer workspace feature classes and tables
  • Update the lifecycles status of an existing result

You can write both JSON geometry and feature objects to a Data Reviewerworkspace using the writeResult and writeFeatureAsResult operations. The writeResult operation writes a JSON geometry and Data Reviewer attributes to a Data Reviewer workspace. The writeFeatureAsResult operation writes a JSON feature object (an object that contains a JSON geometry and attribute object) and Data Reviewer attributes to a Data Reviewer workspace.

Use getResults to query the Data Reviewer workspace. Execute the getLayerDefinition operation to retrieve a layer definition that you can dynamically apply to the Data Reviewer map service.

The getBatchRunDetails operation fetches batch run information from the Data Reviewer workspace.

The updateLifecycleStatus operation allows you to move a result between lifecycle categories and indicate how a result was handled within a category.

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