Scheduled Jobs



The ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Server extension is required in order to use this resource.

A REST resource that returns a list of existing jobs' details.

A scheduled job is a Reviewer batch job (.rbj) that has been scheduled to run validations on ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Server. These jobs have Reviewer session Ids and an execution schedule set with a cron expression. You can modify, enable, disable, or delete a scheduled job.

To format a request to change, enable, disable, or delete a job, append scheduledJobs, jobId, and operation to a batch validation resource.


See each supported operation for request examples.

Request parameters


Description: The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json

Example usage

Example 1: Return a list of scheduled job details.


JSON response example

"scheduledJobs": [
   "jobId": "f2b5239c-8163-480b-9671-ff150017bcc1",
   "title": "",
   "createdBy": "",
   "creationDate": 1335484124000,
   "status": "Scheduled",
   "settings": {
    "batchJobFileName": "SewerChecks.rbj",
    "sessionId": "Session 1 : Session 1",
    "userName": null,
    "changedFeaturesOnly": false,
    "analysisArea": null,
    "productionWorkspace": "c:\\data\\LocalGovernment.sde"
   "schedule": {
    "cronExpression": "0 30 10 * * ?"
   "executionDetails": null