Start Reading

  • URL:http://<utilitynetworkservice-url>/startReading(POST only)
  • Version Introduced:10.6


Using the specified client generated session ID, start a service session on the version if the version is not already being edited by another user/session. This represents a long-term service session. This service session will also block other users from editing or reconciling the version.

The ArcGIS Utility Network Management extension is required to use these resources.

Request Parameters


Description: Optional parameter to specify the output format of the response. The default response format is JSON.

Values: json


Description: The client generated session id (guid) ; a required parameter.

Syntax : sessionId = {3F2504E0-4F89-41D3-9A0C-0305E82C3301}

JSON Response Syntax

  "success" : <true | false>,
  "error" : { // only if success is false
    "hresult" : <HRESULT>,
    "message" : <error message>,
    "details" : [ <detail> ]