Version Infos

  • URL:http://<versionmanagementservice-url>/versionInfos
  • Version Introduced:10.6


For the specified feature service, return the info of all versions that the client has access to. If the client is the service owner (the user that published the service), all versions are accessible and will be returned.

Request Parameters


Description: Optional parameter to specify the output format of the response. The default response format is JSON.

Values: json


Description: Optional parameter to filter the versions by the owner.

Syntax: ownerFilter=<userIdentity>


Description: Optional boolean parameter specifying whether or not to return versions whose access is hidden. The default value for user is false.

JSON Response Syntax

  "versionInfos" : [ 
    "versionInfo" : {
      "versionName" : <versionName>,
      "dversionGuid" : <guid>,
      "description" : <description>,
      "creationDate" : <dateTime>,
      "modifiedDate" : <dateTime>,
      "access" : "private" | "public" | "protected"
  "success" : <true | false>,
  "error" : { // only if success is false
    "extendedCode" : <HRESULT>,
    "message" : <error message>,
    "details" : [ <detail> ]