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The Versions resource represents all versions under a Version Management service. It is returned as an array of version names. Hidden versions are not included.

Request Parameters


Description: The response format. the default response format is html.

Values: <html | json>

Example Usage

An array of objects, each corresponding to the name of a version. Hidden versions are not returned.

Request URL:

JSON Response Syntax

  "versions" : [
      "versionName": "<versionName>",
      "versionGuid": <guid>

JSON Response Example

 "versions": [
   "versionName": "SDE.DEFAULT",
   "versionGuid": "{BD3F4817-9A00-41AC-B0CC-58F78DBAE0A1}"
   "versionName": "UNADMIN.ProjectA",
   "versionGuid": "{F93DB9FD-6F39-45D9-A6C7-D43E69EB3076}"
 "success": true