WMTS Tile (Image Service)

  • URL:http:// <wmts-url>/tile/<wmts-version>/<layer>/<style>/<tilematrixset>/<tilematrix>/<tilerow>/<tilecol>.<format>
  • Required Capability:Image
  • Version Introduced:10.1


This resource is supported at 10.1 and later.

The WMTS Tile resource represents a single cached tile, which is a fragment of an image in the context of WMTS specification. Users can request the WMTS tiles in both RESTful and Key-Value Pair (KVP) syntax as defined by OGC WMTS specification.

URL tokens

URL TokenDetails


Description: Layer identifier.

Values: Valid layer identifier advertised in WMTS service metadata (GetCapabilities response).

Example: layer=0


Description: Style identifier.


Since ArcGIS Server WMTS will always have only one style, the client can omit this parameter or code it as default.

Values: Valid style identifier advertised in WMTS service metadata (GetCapabilities response).

Example: style=default



Description: TileMatrixSet identifier, TileMatrixSet, is a concept in OGC WMTS specification that is similar to Tiling Schema.

Values: The identifier of one of the TileMatrixSet advertised in WMTS service metadata (GetCapabilities response), which includes a well-known TileMatrixSet such as Google Maps/ArcGIS Online, or a customized TileMatrixSet defined by the service publisher.

Example: tileMatrixSet=google_maps



Description: TileMatrix identifier.

Values: The identifier of one of the TileMatrix defined in a particular TileMatrixSet.

Example: tileMatrix=tileMatrix0



Description: Row index of a tile matrix.

Example: tilerow=0



Description: Column index of a tile matrix.

Example: tilecol=0



Description: Output format of the tile.

Example: format=png

Example usage

Example 1:


Example 2: