Accept Invitation


When a group owner or an administrator invites a user to their group, it results in a user invitation. The invited user accepts the invitation using the Accept Invitation operation (POST only). This operation adds the invited user to the group, and the invitation is deleted. This operation also creates a notification for the user indicating that the user's invitation was accepted. Available only to authenticated users.

Request Parameters

[Common Parameters]

For a complete listing, see Common parameters.

Response Properties


Indicates if the operation was successful.


The ID of the accepted invitation.


The username of the user who accepted the invitation.


If the targetType of the invitation is "group," the groupId of the joined group is returned.

Example Usage

URL for Accept User Invitation /accept

JSON Response Syntax

  "success": true | false,
  "username": "<username>",
  "groupId": "<group id>",
  "id": "<invitation id>"

JSON Response Example

  "success": true,
  "username": "jsmith",
  "groupId": "2ecb37a8c8fb4051af9c086c25503bb0",
  "id": "G275a108c7d09472f93917d64bbf37d94"