Add Users to Group


The operation to Add Users to Group (POST only) is available only to the group administrators, including the owner, and to the administrator of the organization if the user is a member. Both users and admins can be added using this operation. This is useful if you wish to add users directly within an organization without requiring them to accept an invitation. For example, a member of an organization can add only other organization members but not public users.

Request Parameters

[Common Parameters]

For a complete listing, see Common parameters.


A comma-separated list of usernames (both admins and regular users) to be added to the group.

Example: users=regularusername1,adminusername1,adminusername2,regularusername2

Response Properties


A JSON array of usernames that were not added.

Example Usage

URL for Remove Users

JSON Response Syntax

  "notAdded": [  //only admins and users not successfully added are returned.  

JSON Response Example

  "notAdded": [