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tasks: All User Scheduled Tasks

  • URL:https://[root]/community/users/[userName]/tasks
  • Version Introduced:10.8.1

Example usage

Below is a sample request URL for tasks that filters for a specific item (itemId=029b61ca770e428d9468a2a55f40b9fb) that has an inactive (active=false) ExecuteNotebook task associated with it:


This resource returns a list of all the scheduled tasks owned by a user. These results can be further filtered by specifying the task ID, it's active statue, or it's task type.

Request parameters



The ID of a task owned by a user. This is a single item ID filter, and does not support a list of task IDs as values.




Filters user owned tasks by their active state. Tasks that are scheduled to continue running will have an active state of true, whereas tasks that are completed, paused, or deleted will have an active state of false.

Values: true | false



The task type. The task type is specified during task creation.


Support for Scene Services and ArcGIS Workflow Manager was added at ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.

Values: ExecuteNotebook | UpdateInsightsWorkbook | ExecuteSceneCook | ExecuteWorkflowManager


The response format. The default format is html.

Values: html | json | pjson

JSON Response example

  "total": 1,
  "start": 1,
  "num": 1,
  "nextStart": -1,
  "activeTasksAvailable": 20,
  "tasks": [
      "id": "5837c7bc37ac404e8e3c16d9022b2b59",
      "itemId": "029b61ca770e428d9468a2a55f40b9fb",
      "type": "ExecuteNotebook",
      "title": "OnceAMinute30times",
      "userId": "NBadmin",
      "cronSchedule": {
        "minute": "*/1",
        "hour": "*",
        "dayOfMonth": "*",
        "month": "*",
        "dayOfWeek": "?"
      "runIntervalSeconds": 60,
      "lastStart": 1589457360000,
      "maxOccurrences": 10,
      "parameters": {
        "updatePortalItem": true,
        "saveInjectedParameters": false,
        "notebookParameters": "{}"
      "created": 1589456737000,
      "updated": 1589457404000,
      "startDate": 1589428800000,
      "active": false,
      "taskState": "completed"