• URL:https://Collaboration/workspaces
  • Required Capability:Administrator
  • Version Introduced:10.5


The workspaces resource lists all the workspaces in a given collaboration. A workspace is a virtual space in the collaboration to which each participating portal is either sending or receiving content. Workspaces can only be created by the collaboration owner. To create a new workspace use the Add Workspace operation.

Request parameters


The response format. The default value is html.

Values: html | json

Example usage

JSON response syntax

               "total": 1,
               "start": 1,
               "num": 25,
               "nextStart": -1,
               "workspaces": [{
                              "id": "e62843a5aad34a7e8338dce3fa664a39",
                              "name": "bubba-ws",
                              "description": "bubba",
                              "collaborationId": "ba6e2ea2bf4b4033a5416cfca4cf17f3",
                              "config": {},
                              "created": 1475880485500,
                              "modified": 1475880485500,
                              "participantGroupLinks": [{
                                             "portalId": "02c2cef9-bb19-472d-b867-46bcd987bf71",
                                             "portalGroupId": "1d642153c65f4cedbfc2904a20f124fb",
                                             "portalGroupName": "rivers",
                                             "config": {
                                                            "enableRealtimeSync": true,
                                                            "enableCopyData": false,
                                                            "syncIntervalHours": 1
                                             "accessMode": "sendAndReceive"
                              "participantsWithoutGroupLinks": []