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Conceptual hierarchy

This resource hierarchy groups resources and operations conceptually when managing users, groups, and items in a portal using the ArcGIS REST API.

Authentication and OAuth 2.0:


Community - Group (owner or manager):

Community - Group (member):

Community - User:

Content - Item:

Content - Item resources:

Content - Item comments:

Content - Item rating:

Content - App proxy:

Content - Items:

Content - Portal content:

Content - Group content:

Content - Group content categories:

Content categories:

Member categories:

Portals - Portal:

Portals - IDP:

Portals - SAML Federation:

Portals - Certificate:

Portals - Users:

Portals - Federated Servers:

Portals - Distributed Collaboration:

Portals - Webhooks:

Portals - Datastores:

Schedule Notebooks:

Marketplace (vendor):

Marketplace (purchaser):