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Considerations and Limitations

There are some basic limitations that should be taken into consideration when working with the ArcGIS Online sharing API. The table below outlines what should be considered. This is a dynamic list that may be updated as new functionality is introduced.

Limitation typeMaximum limit


Maximum Search results per request/page

Maximum of 100 results returned

Maximum Search results per query

Only the first 10000 results can be paginated, results greater than 10000 can not be returned through pagination. The actual number of total returned results may be greater than 10000.

Maximum size of query string

10 Kb

File upload

Maximum file upload size for Generate

10 Mb

Add Item in a single upload

Maximum file size 5 Gb

Add Item in multipart uploads

Maximum file size 500 Gb, maximum number of parts 10000

Item Info

Maximum file size allowed for Item Info files

100 Kb

Maximum number of Item Info files per request


Maximum thumbnail size

10 Mb

Token generation

Maximum token expiration time

Two weeks

Users and groups

Maximum number of groups a User can belong to (both owning and joined as a group member)


Adding and updating items

Maximum number of screenshots per item


Maximum size of item description

64 Kb

Maximum number of characters for item title


Maximum number of characters for item snippet


Maximum number of type keywords on an item


Maximum number of characters for each type keyword


Maximum number of tags on an item


Maximum number of characters for each tag


Maximum size of any other text field item properties

64 Kb