Delete Folder


The delete user folder operation (POST only) is available only on the user's non-root folders. The user's root folder cannot be deleted.

Deleting a folder also deletes all items that it contains (both the items and the links are removed).

Request Parameters

[Common Parameters]

For a complete listing, see Common parameters.

Response Properties


Indicates if the operation was successful.


Folder JSON object that describes the folder just deleted. Contains the username of the person who deleted the folder, the id of the folder, and the title of the folder.

Example Usage

URL for Delete Folder

JSON Response Syntax

{  "success": true,  "folder": {    "username": "<username>",    "id": "<folder id>",    "title": "<folder title>"  }}

JSON Response Example

{  "success": true,  "folder": {    "username": "jsmith",    "id": "0bffc1c3fe984a17bd9ae705b3ca7e22",    "title": "Non-motorized trials"  }}