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ArcGIS Developer

/interest: Express Interest

  • URL:https://[root]/content/listings/[itemID]/interest(POST only)

Example usage

URL for Express Interest:


A purchaser can express interest in a marketplace listing by invoking this operation (POST ONLY).

This operation cannot be invoked if the item has already been purchased or if the purchaser has previously expressed interest.

Only administrators and members with request purchase information privilege of purchasing orgs can invoke this operation.

Note that interests cannot be expressed for free listings, because they can be directly purchased by purchasing org admins or members with request purchase information privilege.

Request parameters

[Common Parameters]

For a complete listing, see Common parameters.

[Purchaser Parameters]

For a complete list of purchaser parameters, see Purchaser parameters. Note that all purchaser parameters are optional.

JSON response syntax


JSON response example

  "itemId": "b512083cd1b64e2da1d3f66dbb135956",
  "orgId": "org1",
  "purchaserOrgId": "org2",
  "purchaserUsername": "org2user",
  "purchaserFullName": "Test Full Name",
  "purchaserEmail": "",
  "purchaserPhone": null,
  "startDate": 1378227269000,
  "endDate": -1,
  "purchased": false,
  "trial": false,
  "interested": true,
  "created": 1378227262000,
  "modified": 1378227269000