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Get Specific Task

  • URL:https://<tasks-url>/<taskID>
  • Version Introduced:10.8.1


Returns information on a specific task, such as the task's title, parameters, and schedule.

Request parameters


The response format. The default format is html.

Values: html | json | pjson

Example usage

Below is a sample request URL used to access the task resource:

JSON Response example

  "id": "5837c7bc37ac404e8e3c16d9022b2b59",
  "itemId": "029b61ca770e428d9468a2a55f40b9fb",
  "type": "ExecuteNotebook",
  "title": "OnceAMinute10times",
  "userId": "portaladmin",
  "cronSchedule": {
    "minute": "*/1",
    "hour": "*",
    "dayOfMonth": "*",
    "month": "*",
    "dayOfWeek": "?"
  "runIntervalSeconds": 60,
  "lastStart": 1589460540000,
  "maxOccurrences": 10,
  "parameters": {
    "updatePortalItem": true,
    "saveInjectedParameters": false,
    "notebookParameters": "{}"
  "created": 1589456737000,
  "updated": 1589460535000,
  "startDate": 1589428800000,
  "active": false,
  "taskState": "paused"