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[groupID]: Group

Example usage

The following is a sample ArcGIS Online request URL used to access an individual group resource:

The following is a sample ArcGIS Enterprise request URL used to access an individual group resource:


An individual group resource represents a group within the organization. The group owner is automatically an administrator and is returned in the list of administrators. Administrators can invite, add to, or remove members from a group as well as update or delete the group. The administrator for an organization can also reassign the group to another member of the organization.

The visibility of the group by other users is determined by the access property. If the group is private, no one other than the administrators and members of the group will be able to see it. If the group is shared with an organization, all members of the organization will be able to find it.

Group members can leave the group. Authenticated users can apply to join a group unless the group is by invitation only.

Request parameters

[Common Parameters]

For a complete listing, see Common parameters.


The response format. The default format is html.

Values: html | json | pjson

Response properties


The given group ID.


The title of the group. This is the name that is displayed to users and by which they refer to the group. Every group must have a title, and it must be unique for a user.


If this is set to true, users will not be able to apply to join the group.


Organization ID.


The owner user name of the group.


The group description.


An array of keywords that further describes a group.


The group summary.


User-defined tags that describe the group.


The contact information for the group.


The sorted field.


The sort order, either descending or ascending.


Boolean value indicating whether the results are only for viewing.


Boolean value indicating whether marked in favorites.


The URL to the thumbnail used for the group. All group thumbnails are relative to the URL:[groupID]/info.


The date the group was created. Shown in UNIX time in milliseconds.


The date the group was last modified. Shown in UNIX time in milliseconds.


The access privileges of the group that determine who can see and access the group. This can be set to private, org, or public.


If the request is made by an authenticated user, a JSON object is returned containing information about the user's access to the group. This includes the username of the calling user; the memberType, which specifies the type of membership the user has in the group (owner, member, admin, none); and the applications (number of requests to join the group) count available to administrators and owners.


Indicates if the group is protected from deletion. The default value is false.


Only applies to org accounts. Indicates if the group allows joining without requesting membership approval. The default value is false.


If true, the group has content category set.


If true, the group is designated as available for use in Open Data sites.

JSON Response syntax

  "id": "<group id>",
  "title": "<group title>",
  "isInvitationOnly": true |false,
  "orgId":"<organization ID>",
  "owner": "<group owner username>",
  "description": "<description>",
  "snippet": <summary>,
  "tags": [
  "typeKeywords": [
  "phone": <contact>, 
  "sortField": "title",
  "sortOrder": "asc",
  "isViewOnly": false,
  "isFav": false,
  "thumbnail": file name,
  "created": date created shown in UNIX time,
  "modified": date modified shown in UNIX time,  
  "access": private | org | public
  "userMembership": {   //available only if request is made by an authenticated user
    "username": "<requestor username>",
    "memberType": "owner | member |admin | none",
    "applications": number of applications  //available only to admins and owners
  "protected": true | false,
  "autoJoin": true | false,
  "hasCategorySchema": true,
  "isOpenData": true

JSON Response example

  "id": "2ecb37a8c8fb4051af9c086c25503bb0",
  "title": "Street Maps",
  "isInvitationOnly": false,
  "orgId": "J423vH8fR9HV444l",
  "owner": "jsmith",
  "description": "The street maps group provides street maps for the city of Redlands.",
  "snippet": null,
  "tags": [
  "typeKeywords": [
  "phone": "", 
  "sortField": "title",
  "sortOrder": "asc",
  "isViewOnly": false,
  "isFav": false,
  "thumbnail": "streets.jpg",
  "created": 1247082196000,
  "modified": 1276793808000,
  "access": "public",
  "userMembership": {
    "username": "jsmith",
    "memberType": "owner",
    "applications": 1
  "protected": true,
  "autoJoin": false,
  "hasCategorySchema": true