Item Resources


All file resources of an existing item.

Request Parameters

[Common Parameters]

For a complete listing, see Common parameters.

[Paging Parameters]

For a complete list of paging parameters, see Paging parameters.


Field to sort by.

Supported sort field: size, created, resource


Applies when working with sortField. Describes whether the results return in ascending or descending order. Default is ascending.

Values: asc | desc

Response Properties

[Paging Properties]

The following paging properties are included in the response and they are described in Paging properties.

total, start, num, nextStart


A JSON array of resource objects along with the created and size information of each.

Example Usage

URL for Item Resources or

JSON Response Syntax

  "total": <total number of resources on the item>,
  "start": <the first record index in the response>,
  "num": <the number of resources in the response>,
  "nextStart": <the next entry index>,
  "resources": [
      "resource": "<resource1>",
      "created": <resource1 created datetime>,
      "size": <resource1 size>
      "resource": "<resource2>",
      "created": <resource2 created datetime>,
      "size": <resource2 size>
      "resource": "<resource3>",
      "created": <resource3 created datetime>,
      "size": <resource3 size>

JSON Response Example

  "total": 3,
  "start": 1,
  "num": 3,
  "nextStart": -1,
  "resources": [
      "resource": "image/banner.jpg",
      "created": 1522711362000,
      "size": 56945
      "resource": "image/logo.jpg",
      "created": 1522711377000,
      "size": 4027
      "resource": "text/desc.txt",
      "created": 1522711400000,
      "size": 14