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ArcGIS Developer

resources: Item Resources

  • URL: https://[root]/content/items/[itemID]/resources
  • Child Resources:Resource

Example Usage

URL for Item Resources


All file resources of an existing item, private item resources are available to the item owner, organization administrators with portal:admin:updateItems privilege as well as members of group with item update capability.

Request Parameters

[Common Parameters]

For a complete listing, see Common parameters.

[Paging Parameters]

For a complete list of paging parameters, see Paging parameters.


Field to sort by.

Supported sort field: size, created, resource


Applies when working with sortField. Describes whether the results return in ascending or descending order. Default is ascending.

Values: asc | desc

Response Properties

[Paging Properties]

The following paging properties are included in the response and they are described in Paging properties.

total, start, num, nextStart


A JSON array of resource objects along with the created and size information of each. Item resource access property is also available for item owner and organization administrators.

JSON Response Syntax

  "total": <total number of resources on the item>,
  "start": <the first record index in the response>,
  "num": <the number of resources in the response>,
  "nextStart": <the next entry index>,
  "resources": [
      "resource": "<resource1>",
      "created": <resource1 created datetime>,
      "size": <resource1 size>
      "resource": "<resource2>",
      "created": <resource2 created datetime>,
      "size": <resource2 size>
      "resource": "<resource3>",
      "created": <resource3 created datetime>,
      "size": <resource3 size>

JSON Response Example

  "total": 3,
  "start": 1,
  "num": 3,
  "nextStart": -1,
  "resources": [
      "resource": "image/banner.jpg",
      "created": 1522711362000,
      "size": 56945
      "resource": "image/logo.jpg",
      "created": 1522711377000,
      "size": 4027
      "resource": "text/desc.txt",
      "created": 1522711400000,
      "size": 14