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/provisionOrgEntitlements: Provision Organization Entitlements

  • URL:https://[root]/content/listings/[itemID]/provisionOrgEntitlements(POST only)

Example Usage

URL for Provision Organization Entitlements


For a license-by-user listing, selling organization administrator or members can use this operation (POST only) to provision entitlements to a purchasing organization. It can only be made if the item has already been purchased, or is being tried by the purchasing org.

This operation is HTTPS only for Esri apps that require a signature, otherwise it can be either for provider apps.

It can only be invoked by org admins or members with request purchase information privilege.

Request Parameters

[Common Parameters]

For a complete listing, see Common parameters.


The org ID of the purchasing organization.


(Optional) The subscription(SMS) ID of the purchasing organization.


A JSON object representing the set of entitlements available to the purchasing org.


    "maxUsers": 10,
    "entitlements": {
        "standard": {"num": 8},  //'standard' is an entitlement string that uniquely identifies entitlement, listingID is used typically for provider apps
        "advanced": {"num": 2},
        "spatialAnalyst": {"num": 2}

Response Properties

[Provision properties]

Provision information available as a JSON object described in Provision properties.

JSON Response Syntax


JSON Response Example

    "itemId": "6489da7f08f045ac8c0a5b1de37d56fe",
    "provisionedItemId": "6489da7f08f045ac8c0a5b1de37d56fe",
    "accountId": "HwhoSWTiJyaB0VDi",
    "purchaserOrgId": "sWwd06TnJR4lHopc",
    "purchaserUsername": "jsmith",
    "purchaserFullName": "jsmith",
    "purchaserEmail": "",
    "purchaserPhone": null,
    "startDate": 1469206117000,
    "endDate": 1471798116000,
    "purchased": false,
    "trial": true,
    "interested": false,
    "created": 1469206116000,
    "modified": 1469206117000,
    "orgEntitlements": {
        "maxUsers": 10,
        "entitlementsModified": 1469206117000,
        "entitlements": {
            "spatialAnalyst": {
                "num": 2
            "standard": {
                "num": 8
            "advanced": {
                "num": 2