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/provisionUserEntitlements: Provision User Entitlements

  • URL:https://[root]/content/listings/[itemID]/provisionUserEntitlements(POST only)

Example Usage

URL for Provision User Entitlements


For a license-by-user listing, purchasing organization administrator can use this operation (POST only) to provision entitlements to org members. It can only be made if the item has already been purchased, or is being tried by the purchasing org. A maximum of 25 users can be provisioned in one request.

Request Parameters

[Common Parameters]

For a complete listing, see Common parameters.


A JSON object representing the set of entitlements assigned to the specified set of users.


  "users": ["username1", "username2"],
  "entitlements": ["standard", "networkAnalyst"] //"standard" is an entitlement string that uniquely identifies entitlement, listing itemId is used typically for provider apps 

Only members of the purchasing org can be specified in the request.

Specified entitlements are assigned to all specified users. If different sets of entitlements are to be assigned to different users, multiple requests with this operation are required.

When there is no entitlements specified, it will revoke access to the item completely for the specified users.

The total number of currently provisioned users plus users specified in requests should be no larger than the maximum number of users allowed for the purchasing org.

Response Properties


Indicates whether the operation was successful.

JSON Response Syntax

{"success": true | false}

JSON Response Example

{"success": true}


{"error": {
 "code": 400,
 "message": "item not provisioned",
 "details": []