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Publish Datasets


This operation is used to publish services, by reference, from specified datasets in a data store. At 10.8.1, this operation only supports publishing scene services.

Request parameters



A JSON object that represents the scene service configuration details. The object should include the service type, service name, and service properties that specify the data store ID (cacheStoreId) and the layer's location (path) in the data store. Information for the path property can be found by first performing the describe operation.




The ID of the server the data store is registered with.




The name of the server folder the service will be published to. If no value is specified for this parameter, the service will be published to the root services folder.




A comma-delimited list of tags that will be assigned to the service item once it has been published.


tags=Sonoma County, Vegetation, Habitat


An optional description that will be assigned to the service item once it has been published.


description=Sonoma County LiDAR data

The response format.

Values: json | pjson

Example usage

The describe operation can be called first in order to retrieve the data store ID (cacheStoreId), the data's location (path) in the data store, and the server ID that will be used as input values for the serviceConfiguration parameter. The describe operation is performed asynchronously, and job results can be accessed by appending the job ID to the job resource URL to poll the status of the job and view it's results. For more information on the describe operation, and to see an example response, see the Describe Datastore documentation.

Once the above information has been gathered, the publish request can be formatted to publish specified scene content by reference to create a new scene service:

POST /webadaptor/sharing/rest/portals/0123456789ABCDEF/datastores/publish HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Content-Length: []

serviceConfiguration={"type":"SceneServer","serviceName":"Sonoma","properties":{"pathInCachedStore":"/v17_i3s/SONOMA_LiDAR.i3srest","cacheStoreId":"d7b0722fb42c494392cb1845dacc00d9"}}&serverId=NskU8vwMUBukAwKN&serverFolder=SonomaCounty&tags=Sonoma County, Vegetation, Habitat&description=Sonoma County LiDAR data&f=pjson

This operation is asynchronous and returns a JSON object containing the jobId and key. These values can be used to access the job resource page to poll the job status and retrieve the job results:

  "jobId": "5a7912d73cc342c0ac09b1fcdc5f6c9d",
  "key": "VQJ4lpqiKf/p1TSfwb0KwDYtNbDkFupcInQLSOQYr0E=",
  "success": true

Using the job ID from the above response, navigate to the job page in the sharing API. Below is a sample URL that demonstrates how to access the job resource using the job ID:

For non-administrative users, the key value will also need to be passed in the URL in order to access the job resource page:

The job resource returns information on the operation that was performed such as the operation name and input parameters as well as the job response, which includes the data store's name, ID, and a JSON object representation of it's content. For an example of the job resource response, see the JSON Response example section below.

JSON Response example

Below is a sample JSON response that's returned via the job resource page. If the publish operation is successful, the job resource page will return the item ID, service type, and URL for the scene service:

  "services": [
      "serviceItemId": "2e39b0b9550a40709f02a697cd9fc4fb",
      "type": "Scene Service",
      "serviceUrl": ""