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/registerApp: Register App

  • URL: https://[root]/oauth2/registerApp(POST only)

Example Usage


The register app operation (POST only) registers an app item with the portal. App registration results in an APPID and APPSECRET (also known as client_id and client_secret in OAuth speak, respectively) being generated for that app. Upon successful registration, a Registered App type keyword gets appended to the app item.

Available to the item owner.

Request parameters

[Common Parameters]

For a complete listing, see Common parameters.


The ID of the item being registered. The item must be owned by the user invoking this operation, otherwise the call will be rejected.

Example: itemId=e52db2cdc16640a0b1c69727abdf48c8


The type of app that was registered indicating whether it's a browser app, native app, server app, or a multiple interface app.

Values: browser | native | server| multiple

Example: appType=browser


The URIs where the access_token or authorization code will be delivered upon successful authorization. The redirect_uri specified during authorization must match one of the registered URIs, otherwise authorization will be rejected.

A special value of urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob can also be specified for authorization grants. This will result in the authorization code being delivered to a portal URL (/oauth2/approval). This value is typically used by apps that don't have a web server or a custom URI scheme where the code can be delivered.

The value is a JSON string array.



Response properties

The response represents the registered app and is the same as that of the Registered App resource.