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/registeredAppInfo: Registered App Info

  • URL:https://[root]/content/users/[userName]/items/[itemID]/registeredAppInfo(POST only)

Example Usage

URL for Registerd App Info Resource


If the parent item is registered using the register app operation, this resource returns information pertaining to the registered app. Every registered app gets an App ID and App Secret which in OAuth speak are known as client_id and client_secret respectively.

Note that this resource (registered app info resource) returns the same response as the registered app resource. The difference is that since this resource is available as a child of the user item resource you can access this resource knowing just the item's itemId. Whereas accessing the registered app resource requires knowledge of the registered app's client_id.

Request Parameters

[Common Parameters]

For a complete listing, see Common parameters.

JSON Response

The response is same as that of the Registered App resource.