Remove Users From Group


The remove users from group operation (POST only) allows group owner, group manager and org administrator to remove members from a group. Both users and group managers can be removed using this operation. Group owner cannot be removed from the group. A maximum of 100 users can be removed in one request.

Request Parameters

[Common Parameters]

For a complete listing, see Common parameters.


A comma-separated list of usernames (both admins and regular users) to be removed from the group.

Example: regularusername1,adminusername1,adminusername2,regularusername2

Response Properties


A JSON array of usernames that were not removed. This can happen when the username was never a member of the group.

Example Usage

URL for Remove Users

JSON Response Syntax

  "notRemoved": [  //only admins and users not successfully removed are returned.  

JSON Response Example

  "notRemoved": [


{"error": {
 "code": 400,
 "messageCode": "ORG_3100",
 "message": "Exceeded maximum number of users allowed per call.",
 "details": []