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/setContentStatus: Set Content Status

  • URL:https://[root]/content/items/[itemID]/setContentStatus(POST only)

Example Usage

URL for Set Content Status


The set content status operation (POST only) allows item owner or org administrator to mark an item as authoritative or deprecated to recommend or discourage use of the item.

Both item owner and org administrator with the portal:admin:updateItems privilege can deprecate an item by setting its status to deprecated or undo it.

Designating an item as org_authoritative or changing its status from org_authoritative is only available for org administrators with the portal:admin:updateItems privilege.

Organization must have their identity verified by Esri in order to mark their public items as public_authoritative by org administrators.

Authoritative items are automatically protected to prevent from accidental deletion and are boosted in search results to increase visibility and encourage of use.

Sharing an org_authoritaive item with public in a verified organization automatically converts its status to public_authoritative. Similarly, when unsharing a public_authoritative item from public changes its status to org_authoritative. Public org_authoritative items are not allowed in a verified org.

Once an organization has its identity verified by Esri, all its public org_authoritative items are converted to public_authoritative automatically.

Verified organization can not change its name. It must unshare all its public_authoritative items from public or remove their authoritative status before org can become unverified.

Request Parameters

[Common Parameters]

For a complete listing, see Common parameters.


The status to set on item.

Supported values: null | deprecated | org_authoritative | public_authoritative


Clears any string fields that are passed in empty.

Example: clearEmptyFields=true

Response Properties


Indicates if the operation was successful.


The ID of the item.

JSON Response Syntax

  "success": true,
  "itemId": "<itemId>"

JSON Response Example

  "success": true,
  "itemId": "c20206e7efd94c65a643cfa3c004734e"


{"error": {
 "code": 400,
 "messageCode": "CONT_0163",
 "message": "Unable to update item status to public_authoritative. Org has to be public and verified.",
 "details": []