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/share: Share Item (as item owner)

  • URL:https://[root]/content/users/[userName]/items/[itemID]/share(POST only)

Example Usage

URL for Share Item


Shares the item with the specified list of groups (POST only). Users can only share items with groups to which they belong. This operation also allows you to share the item with everyone, in which case the item is publicly accessible, or to share it with all users of your organization.

An item can have one of four sharing levels represented in the access property of the item: private, public, org, and shared. Private indicates that the item can only be accessed by the user. Public items are accessible by all users. An item shared to the organization has an access level of org. Shared denotes an item shared to one or more groups.


Only the 'highest' level is shown in the access property. For example, if the item is shared to groups and public, access=public, if the item is shared to groups and org, access=org.

Available to the user and administrators of the organization that the user is part of, if any.


Administrators may share an item to a group on the owners behalf. There are no sharing restrictions, if the item has a public or org sharing level. The items with private sharing level may only be shared to groups to which the item owner has sharing access.

Request Parameters

[Common Parameters]

For a complete listing, see Common parameters.


If true, this item will be shared with everyone, for example, it will be publicly accessible. If explicitly set to false, the item will not be shared with the public.


If true, this item will be shared with the organization. If set to false, the item will not be shared with the organization.


A comma-separated list of group IDs with which the item will be shared.


In order to make an item private, this parameter should be passed in as empty, e.g. " ".


Set to true when the item will be shared with groups with item update capability so that any member of such groups can update the item that is shared with them.

Response Properties


Array of groups with which the item could not be shared.


ID of the item being shared.

JSON Response Syntax

  "notSharedWith": [<groups not able to share with>],
  "itemId": "<item id>"

JSON Response Example

  "notSharedWith": ["cc5f73ab367544d6b954d82cc9c6dab7"],
  "itemId": "b512083cd1b64e2da1d3f66dbb135956"