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/status: Status

  • URL:https://[root]/content/users/[userName]/items/[itemID]/status

Example Usage


Inquire about status when publishing an item, adding an item in async mode, or adding with a multipart upload. Partial will be returned only when using 'Add Item' multipart and the item has not been committed.

Request parameters


The type of asynchronous job for which the status has to be checked. Default is none, which check the item's status.

This parameter is optional unless used with the operations listed below.

Values: publish, generateFeatures, export, and createService


The job ID returned during publish, generateFeatures, export, and createService calls.


The response format. The default and the only response format for this resource is HTML.

Values: html

JSON Response Syntax

  "status": "partial | processing | failed | completed", //status is available only for items added in async mode
  "statusMessage": "partial",
  "itemId": "<item id>"

JSON Response Example

  "status": "partial",
  "statusMessage": "partial",
  "itemId": "49bf5db6340e4bccaceca5af3b2bec4b"