• URL:https://Collaboration/workspaces/<workspaceID>/sync(POST only)
  • Version Introduced:10.6.1


The sync endpoint is provided to allow execution of a data sync on a particular workspace. The operation is allowed on the participant that is designated to initiate sync operations as determined during trust establishment between the collaboration host and a guest participant. Typically, the guest participant is designated to initiate sync operations. Note that if a scheduled sync operation is already in progress a new sync is not started unless the current sync operation is finished.

When running sync in synchronous mode, the client will be blocked until the operation is completed. Invoking sync in synchronous mode is good for quickly syncing an item (that is not large) if the client does not want to wait for the next scheduled sync.

Asynchronous mode allows a client to get response immediately so it does not have to wait and is not blocked from performing other tasks.

Request Parameters


The response format.

Values: html | json


Boolean value. When true, the job will run asynchronously.

JSON response syntax

"jobId" : ,
"key" : ,
"success" : <true | false>

JSON response example

"jobId" : "cd8d04b3d27a474fb070df3665e804e6",
"key" : "WC6bISkKe4lUYMs2BA132T/rXxcjORFWdB5vp/91ukU=",
"success" : true