Update User Level


The Update User Level operation (POST only) allows administrators of an organization to update the level of a user. Administrators can leverage two levels of membership when assigning roles and privileges to members, membership levels allow organizations to control access to some ArcGIS capabilities for some members while granting more complete access to other members. Level 1 membership is designed for members who need privileges to view and interact with existing content, while Level 2 membership is for those who contribute, create, and share content and groups, in addition to other tasks.

Maximum user quota of an organization at the given level is checked before allowing the update.

Built-in roles including organization administrator, publisher, and user are assigned as Level 2, members with custom roles can be assigned as Level 1 or Level 2.

Level 1 membership allows for limited capabilities given through a maximum of 9 privileges: portal:user:joinGroup, portal:user:viewOrgGroups, portal:user:viewOrgItems, portal:user:viewOrgUsers, premium:user:geocode, premium:user:networkanalysis, premium:user:demographics, premium:user:elevation and portal:user:joinNonOrgGroup. If updating the role of a Level 1 user with a custom role that has more privileges than the nine, additional privileges will be disabled for the user to ensure restriction.

Level 1 users are not allowed to own any content or group which can be reassigned to other users through the Reassign Item and Reassign Group operations before downgrading them. The operation will also fail if the user being updated has got licenses assigned to premium apps that are not allowed at the targeting level.

This operation is only applicable to ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1 or before.

Request Parameters

[Common Parameters]

For a complete listing, see Common parameters.


The username whose level to be updated.


The level of the user to be set.

Values: 1 (for user with custom role only) | 2 (for user with any built-in or custom role)

Response Properties


Indicates if the operation was successful.

Example Usage

URL for Update User Level

JSON Response Syntax

"success": true

JSON Response Example

"success": true


{"error": {
"code": 400,
"messageCode": "ORG_1084",
"message": "Unable to change user's level. User must not own items or groups.",
"details": []