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/appBundles: User App Bundles

  • URL:https://[root]/community/users/[userName]/appBundles
  • Version Introduced:10.7

Example Usage


This resource returns a list of app bundles assigned to a user that are in addition to the bundles included with their user type.

JSON response example

  "total": 1,
  "start": 1,
  "num": 10,
  "nextStart": -1,
  "appBundles": [{
    "id": "baced321fedbca0987hg65fe43dc21ab",
    "name": "Field Apps",
    "apps": [

        "id": "ab12cd34ef56gh7890acbdef123edcab",
        "title": "Workforce for ArcGIS",
        "thumbnail": "thumbnail/workforce_thumbnail.jpg",
        "entitlements": ["workforce"]
        "id": "ab12cd34ef56gh7890acbdef123edcab",
        "title": "Survey123 for ArcGIS",
        "thumbnail": "thumbnail/ago_downloaded.png",
        "entitlements": ["survey123"]
        "id": "ab12cd34ef56gh7890acbdef123edcab",
        "title": "Collector for ArcGIS",
        "entitlements": ["collector"]