User Invitations


Shows the invitations sent to the authenticated user.

Request Parameters

[Common Parameters]

For a complete listing, see Common parameters.

Response Properties


A JSON array of invitation objects. For details, see the response properties for User Invitation.

Example Usage

URL for User Invitations

JSON Response Syntax

{"userInvitations": [{
  "id": "<invitation id>",
  "targetType": "<group>",
  "targetId": "<group  id>",
  "received": date received shown in UNIX time,
  "accepted": true | false,
  "mustApprove": true | false,
  "email": <invitee username>,
  "role": "group_member | group_admin",
  "type": "email | user",
  "dateAccepted": <date invite accepted>,
  "expiration": <expiration date> shown in UNIX time,
  "created": <date created> shown in UNIX time,
  "username": "<recipient username>",
  "fromUsername": {"username": "<group owner username>"},
  "groupId": "<group id>"

JSON Response Example

{"userInvitations": [{
  "id": "G275a108c7d09472f93917d64bbf37d94",
  "targetType": "group",
  "targetId": "6cd148dffe0f44c69aa39a787a2357db",
  "accepted": false,
  "mustApprove": false,
  "role": "group_member",
  "type": "user",
  "dateAccepted": -1,
  "expiration": 1331335612000,
  "created": 1330126012000,
  "username": "jsmith",
  "fromUsername": {"username": "mjohnson"},
  "groupId": "981213ddd719410ab5ef973afd56263a"