System requirements

The following sections highlight the minimum application and/or system requirements necessary to build and deploy Silverlight applications. Only Silverlight 5 is supported.

Silverlight application development

Visual Studio 2013

Visual Studio 2012

Visual Studio 2010

Silverlight application browser support

Supported languages

Arabic (ar)

Danish (da)

Dutch (nl)

English (en)

Estonian (et)

Finnish (fi)

French (fr)

German (de)

Hebrew (he)

Italian (it)

Japanese (ja)

Korean (ko)

Latvian (lv)

Lithuanian (lt)

Norwegian (no, nb-NO)

Polish (pl)

Portuguese - Brazilian (pt-BR)

Portuguese - Portugal (pt-PT)

Romanian (ro)

Russian (ru)

Simplified Chinese (zh-CN, zh-Hans)

Spanish (es)

Swedish (sv)