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A global, three-year program that gives emerging businesses the tools to build mapping and analytic capabilities into their products.

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We’re seeking startups who will grow into the next generation of Esri partners. At minimum, your startup must:

  • Build software products, as opposed to offering consulting services
  • Be founded less than three years from the date of application
  • Generate less than $1 million in annual revenue at the time of program entry
  • Align to Esri's strategic goals for the program

Beyond the minimum qualifications, we also look for startups that are building viable and high caliber solutions for their market. Discover more about our qualification expectations.

What you get

Support & Training

  • Access to Esri Standard Support
  • Unlimited, no cost e-learning training to jumpstart your productivity and learn when you want, from where you want
  • Access to Esri Professional Services for a range of fee-based consulting engagements to assist with designing inventive solutions and meeting business objectives
Support and Training

Community & Co-Marketing

Community & Co-Marketing


About the Esri Startup Program

What is the Esri Startup Program?

The Esri Startup Program is a global, three-year program that helps startups build mapping and location intelligence into their products and businesses. The program grants access to Esri online services, software, development tools, ready-to-use content, training, support, and co-marketing opportunities.

About the Program
  • The three-year, no cost program was founded by Esri in 2012.
  • Esri provides cloud services, software, support, and training to help jump-start program members’ product development and catalyze startup success.
  • The program includes opportunities for co-marketing and networking with industry experts.
  • Program members have access to Esri’s global community of over 350,000 clients and more than 3,500 Esri employees selling to over 125 countries and serving customers across all seven continents.
  • Over 350 startups from across the globe are enrolled in the program.
  • Members join as an Emerging Partner in the Esri Partner Network (EPN), which includes more than 2,000 partners worldwide.

What do I get as a Startup Program member?

Members receive online services, software, training, support and co-marketing opportunities.

The following software and services are provided:
  • Three ArcGIS Developer Enterprise-level subscriptions (See
    • Unique to the Esri Startup Program, Emerging Partners can use their Enterprise-level ArcGIS Developer Subscription for development and testing, as well as commercial use, across the entire ArcGIS platform.
  • One ArcGIS Online subscription—Includes up to five named users and 10,000 service credits (See
  • Three ArcGIS Enterprise Advanced licenses and three ArcGIS Image Server licenses for up to 12 cores (See
Training and Support

Make the most of our complimentary web-based e-Learning courses. Training is essential to jump-start your productivity. As part of the program, you have the flexibility to learn when you want, where you want. In addition, Esri offers a variety of activities for you to grow and succeed. Learn more about our ArcGIS Resources, in depth documentation, active technical forums, useful videos, informative blogs, and more.

Standard Esri Technical Support is granted. Visit the Support Center to better understand your licensing and registration questions. Take advantage of our knowledge base on the latest software releases, white papers, and more.

Community and Opportunities

We support you with a variety of opportunities to help you grow. Leverage and participate in an extensive community of experienced entrepreneurs, partners, developers, and GIS thought leaders. As part of the program, you get access to the following benefits:

  • Inclusion in the Esri Partner Network as an Emerging Partner
  • Exclusive use of the official Esri Startup Program custom logo
  • Two free registration passes to each of the following premier Esri Events:
    • Esri User Conference (Esri UC)—The world's largest GIS event for GIS professionals and developers, which covers content on how to implement and use the technology across hundreds of thousands of organizations.
    • Esri Developer Summit (DevSummit)—Your chance to mingle with GIS developers, attend technical sessions, and learn the latest about building applications for web and native environments (Also includes Esri DevSummit DC and Esri DevSummit Europe).
    • Esri Partner Conference (EPC)—Exclusive annual meeting for Esri's global partners and distributors that are reshaping the world through the application of geospatial technology.
    • Esri Federal GIS Conference (FedGIS)—Federal GIS professionals and government leaders gathering in Washington, DC, for inspirational sessions, training, and networking.
  • Consideration for low-cost Startup Zone exhibitor spaces to showcase your product at Esri events
  • Opportunities to co-market with Esri sector teams and developer evangelists via case studies, newsletters, website promotion, and more
  • Listing in the Esri ArcGIS Marketplace for valid submissions

Program Eligibility

Does my startup qualify?

Esri reserves exclusive rights for determining eligibility. At minimum, your startup must

  • Build software products, as opposed to offering consulting services
  • Be founded less than three years from the date of application
  • Generate less than $1 million in annual revenue at the time of program entry
  • Align to Esri’s strategic goals for the program

How do you select members? What are the expectations for accepted startups?

The program selects technology-focused startups based on their ability to articulate their product idea and product market fit. Beyond the minimum qualifications, we're seeking startups who will grow into the next generation of Esri partners. To further qualify for the program, we expect startups to be committed to developing and providing a high-caliber solution, aligned to the ArcGIS platform, where real business value is delivered to markets.

This means you demonstrate and support the following throughout our partnership:

  • A solid business strategy, backed by a capable team
  • Delivery of immediate value by configuring first and customizing second
  • Esri basemaps included on presentation layers
  • Solutions developed using the most current version of ArcGIS
  • Creation and registration of web maps, apps, and content
  • Use of ArcGIS as the system of record to store and maintain geographic information
  • Integration with Esri users' ArcGIS systems
  • Unique ArcGIS identities (named user model) for everyone accessing the platform
  • Guarantee of customer success through initial and ongoing guidance, long-term support, and returns on their technology investments
  • Commitment to support the GIS community

When you apply, consider the following:

  • How your solution will drive adoption of the ArcGIS platform.
  • How Esri can help you facilitate greater adoption of your solution.

What does it cost?

For eligible startups, the software and program benefits are granted at no cost for three years. No program fee is charged, nor do we take equity for participation in the program. Additionally, members may be eligible for other special pricing for products and services not included in the program.

How long does the Esri Startup Program last? What happens afterward?

Startups can participate in the program for three years unless they are acquired by a company that does not itself qualify for the Esri Startup Program, or they fail to abide by the program's terms and conditions.

After three years as an Esri Emerging Partner, our hope is that startups will graduate to the Esri Partner Network or continue as a longstanding customer.

How long does it take to review my application? How will I know if I am accepted or denied?

Every two months, Esri reviews applications to the Startup Program. Near the end of each two-month period (February, April, June, August, October, December), we email applicants with the Esri Startup team's decision.

During this process, we may reach out for additional information or an interview. While you're waiting, we encourage you to jump-start your development with a free ArcGIS Developer Subscription. This provides access to essential ArcGIS tools and GIS software to begin your integration. Explore these DevLabs to learn how to get started right now.

There is incredible demand for the program, and we want to ensure mutual success. The two-month process helps us review your application with internal teams you would directly collaborate with as part of the program. While this results in an extended review of your application, it accelerates your ability to develop and sell your products and, most importantly, builds a solid partnership to ensure success.

If you have urgencies for us to consider, please explain them in an email to

Accepted Program Members

What happens once I’m accepted?

You will receive a congratulatory email confirming your eligibility, then an email including the Emerging Partner contract or electronic DocuSign agreement will follow. You must sign this to be accepted. Once the agreement has been signed, submitted, and processed (~3 days to process), you’ll receive an email welcoming you and providing all the salient acceptance and onboarding details that you’ll need to get started, in addition to information regarding software, support, and partner benefits.

It is very important that you read the getting started acceptance and onboarding steps all the way through and follow directions.

What are the terms of the licenses?

The terms and conditions of the program and licenses are outlined in the agreement. The program enables embedded technology solutions for commercial production. Unique to the Esri Startup Program, Emerging Partners can use their enterprise-level ArcGIS Developer Subscription for development and testing, as well as commercial use, across the entire ArcGIS platform.

As a startup associated with Esri Startup Program, can I use the Emerging Partner emblem on my website?

If you are an active program member, yes. You can display the Esri Emerging Partner emblem on your site and represent yourself as an Esri Startup Program member and Emerging Partner in the Esri Partner Network. Emblem access is provided via the Esri Partner Portal Content section. Need help signing in? Contact

How do I get more out of this program?

Become part of our community:
Leverage Co-marketing Opportunities

Working on a press release for a product announcement or partnership? Have a case study or blog that you want to collaborate on with the Esri Startup Program? Send a note to to find out how we can work together and get you the most promotion possible.

Participate in Events

View your event benefits and instructions on accessing complimentary passes. If you’re interested in meeting Esri staff, clients, and other Emerging Partner members, we encourage you to attend Esri’s events throughout the year.

Take Advantage of Unlimited, No Cost E-Learning

The program gives you unlimited, organization-wide access to our large collection of self-paced e Learning. Get started today. Manage access via

Access Additional ArcGIS Software

Esri provides a variety of other product offerings as part of the ArcGIS platform. To see all our product offerings, visit Don’t see what you need? Still have questions about what products are the best fit for you? Drop us an email at

Access Benefits from Our Partner Organizations

Esri has global alliances with some of the world’s leading companies. It’s possible that we support startup benefits through our partnership. For instance, you can contact us about AWS Activate or SAP Startup Focus. Please contact us for more information or partnership interest.

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