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Navigation and Logistics

A mobile app providing turn-by-turn navigation of a worksite for staff and visitors. The app enables employees, visitors, and truck drivers to safely reach their destination at the plant using the optimal route and taking into account daily road closures.

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NaviLu Application
  • Built with the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET and Xamarin Forms so the app can be deployed to Android and iOS.

  • Maps of the industrial site were created with ArcGIS Pro and made available to the app as an MMPK for display and routing.

  • When a connection is available, download and sync barriers, such as road closures, from a feature service.

Sketch on your maps in the field

In many industries such as utilities and natural resources, people in the field need simple, powerful tools when working with their maps. Bluefield GIS provides a solution that does just that. Draw Maps for ArcGIS aims to be a perfect replacement for the paper maps and pencils used by those in the field, adding real time collaboration capabilities between colleagues, wherever they are.

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Draw Maps Application
  • Uses the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS, Swift, and C++.

  • Control access using ArcGIS Online authentication and sharing capabilities. Notes taken in Draw Maps can be made instantly available to other Draw Maps for ArcGIS users as well as ArcGIS Online users.

  • Available through the ArcGIS Marketplace to make it quick and easy to license your users.

Georeferencing the Past

Archaeology, as a destructive science, offers no second chances for data recording. An innovative database platform, the Online Cultural and Historical Research Environment (OCHRE®), integrates mapping features using the Esri ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java to facilitate both data entry and visualization of geospatial data, adding a valuable tool to the field archaeologist’s kit.

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Online Cultural and Historical Research Environment (OCHRE®) Application
  • Display georeferenced raster images in a MapView (for example, an Esri basemap if working online, or a drone photograph if working offline) as a spatially-aware canvas on which a user can click the mouse to capture a coordinate and drop a pin to mark a location of interest.

  • Projected (e.g. UTM) or geographic coordinate systems provide an appropriate spatial reference, whether specifying the discovery of an Egyptian scarab in an ancient room in Northern Israel to centimeter-level accuracy, or gathering harpoon blade fragments from long-dried lake beds while trekking over kilometers in the central Sahara.

  • Layering of maps, georeferenced drawings (“top plans”), drone photographs, and scans of published legacy material, along with controls to adjust color and transparency, let researchers compare last week’s progress to this week’s, or compare a prior excavation’s result with their own.

Fish Washington

Washington State offers anglers some of the most diverse fishing opportunities available anywhere in the world. Maintaining such a vast variety of fishing opportunities necessitates correspondingly diverse, and sometimes complex, fishing regulations. The Fish Washington mobile app makes these regulations easier to understand.

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Fish Washington Application
  • Map data and the latest fishing regulations are downloaded to the device for offline use, very convenient when fishing in areas where there is no phone signal coverage.

  • Displays the location of the user's device on the map.

  • User can search for lakes, rivers, fishing spots, boat launches, and other geographic places.

Optimizing Road Travel Time

GoTime is an app provided by MassDOT (Massachusetts Department of Transportation) to complement roadside travel time signs found on highways in Massachusetts. Users can select, view, and favorite real-time travel signs to display congestion information for a specific segment of roadway.

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GoTime Application
  • Use ArcGIS AppStudio to quickly build native apps for Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, and Linux. These can be configured using out-of-the-box templates or extended with custom workflows.

  • Utilizes Esri basemaps from ArcGIS Online, leveraging Esri’s hosted infrastructure.

  • Integrates and synthesizes the ArcGIS platform capabilities with crucial data feeds from Department of Transportation servers and systems, supporting real-time decision making.

An Innovative 2D/3D Open Data Platform

The newly released Queensland Globe is a world-class example for open data – enabling anyone on any device to intuitively browse and explore more than 600 layers of government data in both 2D and 3D.

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Queensland Globe 2.0 Application
  • Queensland Globe visualizes data in both 2D and 3D using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

  • Leverages ArcGIS API for JavaScript widgets and custom-developed widgets to create a slick user experience.

Esri Story Maps for Alaska's urban and rural communities

Alaska’s remoteness spread over a such a diverse and massive land area poses major challenges to rural community support and statewide resilience efforts. To help lawmakers and other entities that work in and with these communities to better understand the on-the-ground realities across the state, the Division of Community and Regional Affairs developed a community index that provides an immersive data experience for each community.

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Alaska Community Database Online Application
  • Esri Story Maps provided an ideal template to tell rich narratives, community-by-community, with flexibility to add additional details and highlight trends.

  • The ArcGIS API for Python iteratively created journal stories in real time for each community by leveraging the data resources provided through existing organizational ArcGIS Enterprise system.

  • DCRA was able to provide Alaska users with a regional index, a brand new product that addressed the needs of entities who work at the borough and census area scale, providing a regional journal story for each of the 19 boroughs and census areas that make up the state.

Fast@Home - Automated and Cost-Optimized Fiber Network Planning

Fast@Home plans fiber networks and minimizes costs through mathematical optimization. The system currently manages 250,000 addresses of fiber connections.

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Fast@Home Application
  • Fast@Home provides critical workflows for broadband analysis using ArcGIS Web AppBuilder. The implementation leverages custom widgets for industry-specific use cases.

CommandX by Eurocommand

The challenge of being in command is keeping an overview. Even in complex and confusing situations, the main objective is to maintain concentration on the core task, managing tactical units and making decisions. Therefore, Eurocommand provides with CommandX a modern and intuitive electronic command system based on the ArcGIS platform.

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CommandX Application
  • CommandX is fail-safe. When network connectivity is lost clients can continue to work without any problems. Data is synchronized when the connection returns. If service becomes unavailable, the system falls back to use backup services.

  • ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET provides the client features, from simple situational mapping and geoanalysis to advanced analysis such as dispersion calculation.

  • Mission-critical information is shared rapidly and securely with ArcGIS Enterprise, which lets users run enterprise GIS on their own infrastructure and behind firewalls.

Manage Exotic Plant Inspections

The mission of Kittitas County Noxious Weed Control Board is to protect and preserve the agricultural lands and natural resources of the county from degrading effects of exotic and invasive noxious weeds. To accomplish this goal a comprehensive prevention and early intervention program was designed. The program promotes strong communication between parcel landowners and directors of the Noxious Weed Control Board. This fosters a cooperative and coordinated effort in the management of noxious weeds by enhancing public awareness through educational efforts.

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Exotic Plant Information Collector (EPIC) Application

Planning for Restoration and Conservation

The Chesapeake Conservancy has developed a web application that lets users create, compare, and download prioritization maps to identify restoration and conservation opportunities for species habitat in the northeast United States. The application leverages datasets made available through partners in the Nature’s Network collaborative facilitated by the North Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative.

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Nature’s Network Application
  • Uses a geoprocessing service based on ArcPy and Pandas to analyze and prioritize selected watersheds for conservation and restoration.

  • Provides a slider for dynamically filtering watersheds based on their prioritization ranking.

  • Lets users compare multiple analysis results using a layer swipe widget.

Conserve EveryDrop of Water

California has been battling water shortages for years now. The primary intervention strategy for water agencies across the region in combating this problem is reducing water consumption and water waste. To aid in this effort, Esri partner CitySourced has created EveryDrop, a water conservation website and app that engages citizens by giving them an easy way to report water waste and educates them in ways to better conserve water.

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EveryDrop Application
  • Uses ArcGIS Runtime SDKs for Android and iOS to create new georeferenced incident reports of misuse of water resources.

  • Uses ArcGIS Enterprise as a system of record for water use data, and enables collaboration between citizens and water management authorities.

  • Integration with ArcGIS Dashboards to provide a single operating picture for citizens and knowledge workers.

Navigate an Ocean of Datasets

NOAA’s Water Column Sonar Data map viewer provides easy discovery and selection of 33 terabytes of sonar data. Excellent query tools help you identify data of interest and provide file-level selection to ensure you get the information you need.

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NOAA's Water Column Sonar Data viewer Application

Hooked on Fish Reporting

 Fishidy is a waterway location-based app used by over 750,000 people who love to fish. Users can find local real-time fishing reports, log catches and spots on interactive fishing maps, and connect with local anglers.

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Fishidy Fishing Reporting App Application

Saturday in the Park

The Trust for Public Land has developed a web application to help park advocates and city planners explore potential park locations and evaluate the number of people that could reach them within a 10-minute walk from their residence.

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ParkEvaluator® Application
  • ParkEvaluator uses routing services to generate a 10-minute walkable service area around a potential park, and analyzes the population that would benefit from the new park.

  • ArcGIS' demographic data provides insight into the characteristics of the people that live nearby proposed park locations.

  • PDF reports are generated containing the map and other pertinent information.

Mapping Music Royalties

Société des Auteurs Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique (SACEM) a French non-profit, recruited Sword Group and Esri France to assist in the design and development of a mobile app for employees of SACEM to use for tracking and collecting music royalties owed to them.

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Société des Auteurs Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique (SACEM) Application
  • View the locations of client businesses and geocode locations that haven't been captured yet.

  • Pinpoint and identify royalty collection information for specific client locations.

  • Collect and edit feature attributes including client information, royalty payments, and licensing rights in the field.

Saving Time in San Francisco

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission leverages Web GIS technology to improve operational efficiency by streamlining maintenance and construction project reporting.

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San Francisco Water Power Sewer Application
  • SFPUC personnel sign into their web app using their ArcGIS Online identity (via OAuth2). Once signed in, staff can access secured inspection data that is associated with their account.

  • Inspection data is created and updated in the field using ArcGIS Collector, and stored in hosted feature services within SFPUC’s ArcGIS Online organization.

  • Water maintenance staff monitor service requests and inspections that are visualized on the map using Feature Layers. Inspections can be filtered by date and status to find and edit inspections of interest.

Tracking Ocean Traffic

One Earth Future uses exactEarth ShipView™, a modern, easy-to-use web-based viewing application to track ships in near real-time and plot them on a familiar set of map layers to enhance their viewing experience. ShipView is used to quickly get status of maritime traffic currently traversing our oceans.

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exactEarth ShipView Application
  • ShipView uses the ArcGIS API for JavaScript’s client-side geometry engine to help define regions of interest to find and track ships by providing real-time area and length measurements

  • ArcGIS Online Basemaps and other ArcGIS layers can be used in the application to bring context to ship movements and patterns alongside organizational or publicly available data sets

  • Modifying saved regions of interest is made easy by using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript’s intuitive Edit Toolbar.

DC Public Gardens

The U.S. National Arboretum app a quick guide to the exhibits, tours, and visitor services offered at the Arboretum. This application serves as an interactive map of the grounds and allows users to search for more information about the collections, dedications, and plants at the Arboretum.

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US National Arboretum Application
  • Use ArcGIS AppStudio to quickly build native apps for Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, and Linux. These can be configured using out-of-the-box templates or extended with custom workflows.

  • Query the map to quickly identify features and answer the question, "what is this item here?" Easily explore and learn about map contents.

  • Show your device location in proximity to Arboretum points of interest and features near you.

Safer Roads in Ice and Snow

Thanks to the winter service management system, the operational planners of the motorway and road maintenance in Bavaria are able to react much earlier to icy conditions than before. The system bundles a large number of permanently incoming data, analyzes them, compiles them into a complete picture and predicts the formation of black ice, packed snow and slush in the next few hours.

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Winter Maintenance Management System Bavaria Application
  • Winter Service Management System visualizes maintenance vehicle locations and tracks over time using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

  • Multiple layer types are combined on the map to enable a common operating picture and continuous prediction of dangerous road conditions.

  • The app's pop-ups display live webcam feeds and pertinent information about the selected location.

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