The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) leverages Web GIS technology to improve operational efficiency by streamlining reporting on maintenance and construction projects.

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San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) provides retail drinking water, wastewater services, wholesale water, and green hydroelectric and solar power to various entities throughout San Francisco’s Bay Area. Each year, SFPUC field workers are responsible for completing maintenance and construction projects throughout their services areas, with each project requiring a summary report upon completion. Project information is collected by field staff using Survey123 for ArcGIS and Collector for ArcGIS, and stored in their ArcGIS Online organization. Geocortex Essentials workflow and reporting capabilities are used to query and compile the information into one of SFPUC’s report templates.

Generating these reports used to be a manual process involving photocopying and scanning. Staff now simply click a feature on the map and pass the feature ID to the Geocortex workflow, which queries ArcGIS Online to pull together the required information. With a 24/7 operation serving one of California’s largest cities, efficiency is a crucial and ongoing concern. SFPUC’s implementation of Geocortex and Esri has streamlined the reporting process and frees up staff to spend more time on high-value activities.

Identity Management

SFPUC personnel sign into their web app using their ArcGIS Online identity (via OAuth2). Once signed in, staff can access secured inspection data that is associated with their account.

Attribute Editing

Inspection data is created and updated in the field using Collector for ArcGIS, and stored in hosted feature services within SFPUC’s ArcGIS Online organization.

Feature Layers for Display, Filtering, and Editing

Water maintenance staff monitor service requests and inspections that are visualized on the map using Feature Layers. Inspections can be filtered by date and status to find and edit inspections of interest.