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One Earth Future uses exactEarth ShipView™, a modern, easy-to-use web-based viewing application to track ships in near real-time and plot them on a familiar set of map layers to enhance their viewing experience. ShipView is used to quickly get the status of maritime traffic currently traversing our oceans.

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exactEarth ShipView application screenshot exactEarth ShipView application screenshot exactEarth ShipView application screenshot exactEarth ShipView application screenshot

One Earth Future is a foundation dedicated to addressing the root causes of global conflicts through empirical analysis and multi-stakeholder engagement. Many of their programs, including Oceans Beyond Piracy, Secure Fisheries, and OEF Research, provide information and insight on maritime security issues to government, academic, commercial, non-profit, and international community groups around the world. One Earth Future was looking for an efficient way to track ships globally in real-time, and examine past ship movements and behaviors.

One Earth Future uses exactEarth’s ShipView, a web application built using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, provides One Earth Future with the raw data they need to assess global trends in ocean traffic, and to identify specific vessels and vessel groups that are relevant to their various research efforts. A variety of ArcGIS Online basemaps give context to ship movements. For example, the World Oceans Basemap contains bathymetry readings and other features that are important for maritime analysis. Closer to port, the Imagery Basemap can be used to study nearshore imagery and better understand berthing locations that are near facilities. Varied uses of ShipView data range from quantifying illegal fishing off the coast of Somalia to calculating the economic cost of maritime piracy in affected regions of the globe.

One Earth Future uses the ShipView app to monitor ships entering and exiting a given location. They sketch out areas of interest, and perform analysis based on specified geography to calculate the number of vessels in the region and summarize ships by type. Since vessel data changes rapidly, a rich set of filtering and analysis tools helps make critical maritime operation decisions faster and easier.

Exploring exactEarth ShipView

ShipView uses the ArcGIS API for JavaScript’s client-side geometry engine to help define regions of interest to find and track ships by providing real-time area and length measurements

ArcGIS Online Basemaps and other ArcGIS layers can be used in the application to bring context to ship movements and patterns alongside organizational or publicly available data sets

Modifying saved regions of interest is made easy by using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript’s intuitive Edit Toolbar.

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