AddIn QML Type

Root level component of the add-in. More...

Import Statement: import ArcGIS.Survey123 1.0
Inherited By:

AddInCamera, AddInComponent, AddInControl, AddInIndicator, AddInScanner, and AddInTool




Detailed Description

This component exposes functions and properties related to the current instance of the add-in. Metadata and configuration properties are as defined in the add-in item and the associated configuration file.

Property Documentation

context : object

The context object provides access to components of the field app.

[read-only] dataFolder : FileFolder

The folder on the device where the add-in is located.

font : font

Unless defined in the add-in, current font of the field app.

[read-only] formsModel : ListModel

A ListModel of the forms on the device.

locale : QLocale

Unless defined in the add-in, current locale of the field app.

palette : QPalette

Unless defined in the add-in, current color scheme of the field-app.

[read-only] settings : Settings

Settings of the add-in.

surveyFolder : FileFolder

surveySettings : Settings

surveySettingsKey : string

title : string

Title of the add-in.

Signal Documentation


This signal is emitted when the add-in's settings are modified.

Method Documentation

object doSomething(arg)

The arg parameter

object openSettings()

Open the settings page of this add-in.

The settings page can be used to provide the user a graphical interface to set configurable properties of the add-in that need to persisted between uses.

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