Survey123 QML Type

Singleton object that exposes interfaces to the field app. More...

Import Statement: import ArcGIS.Survey123 1.0


Detailed Description

Includes global properties such as font and locale, that can be used an add-in. Access the current set of survey forms and functions to open surveys to capture or edit data. Offline surveys database with functions to query and update the database. Encryption handled by the field app as required.

Property Documentation

app : App

[read-only] database : Database

[read-only] font : font

Unless defined in the add-in, current font of the field app.

[read-only] forms : Forms

[read-only] locale : QLocale

Unless defined in the add-in, current locale of the field app.

[read-only] palette : QPalette

Unless defined in the add-in, current color scheme of the field app.

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