You can use add-ins in the Survey123 field app to suit your project needs. You can create add-ins that make a visible change to the Survey123 field app such as opening a map, a workflow wizard, or a single survey. You can also create add-ins that complete actions behind the scenes such as location tracking or updating data in the background.

Add-ins are stored in ArcGIS as Survey123 Add-In type items. Whether you create a custom add-in or use a template, each add-in is composed of the same core files along with your custom content. You can share your add-in with others in your ArcGIS organization or build it into a custom version of Survey123. The files described below are included in an add-in.


Iteminfo is a configuration file that contains information that defines the ArcGIS item. This information includes the following:

  • Access information and permissions
  • Thumbnail, item name, summary, and description
  • Owner, organization, and group information
  • Tags and keywords


The .qml and .js files form the structure of your add-in. You can use any number of .qml files in your add-in. JavaScript can be written to your .qml files, or it can be referenced by your .qml file from external .js files.


Assets include background, button, and logo images, as well as any other data you want to include in your add-in. These assets must reside in your project folder to be included in your ArcGIS item as well as subsequent distribution or installation files.

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